Sunday, September 27, 2009

Building update

I have ordered the rain gutters and downspouts to add to the building.
I did not think about them when I first ordered the building. They will make a big difference in the front. Right now the rain is digging at the foundation a little every time it rains. I will go pick up the gutters in OK city next week I think.

The problem with the doors seems to be resolved. They are going to replace the doors with ones built for a steel building. The ones they delivered are for a wooden building. They will be here some time after next week.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Door openers

This time I have installed the door openers. When the correct doors arrive I can hook them up. I cant run the wires to the safety switches yet cause they run on the tracks which are not here yet. They are going to change them out for the Steel Building kind instead of the wood building. Just not the same at all. The track mounting is different and the door panels are not the same either. I bet the hardware is different also.

Found a leak in all this rain. When I got on top I found a screw loose and tightend it up and it stopped the leak. Of course it rained more to check the leak repair.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Well here is a building without front doors. It is complete otherwise. Now we will have to do electrical. Need lights right. And work benches and move in all the stuff. Im going to start cleaning up the floor but it started raining before I got up today. Feels good to have it done.
Here is the roof finished on the inside.

I better do some catching up here. We have made progress in the last few days. I will add some pics.We made a bit more progress here and got some skylights in.