Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 27

Got the building ordered on Friday and the concrete slab ordered as well. Making progress.
Now have to wait. Maybe a month or 5 weeks till the concrete man does his thing. The building will be here in 6 weeks. I requested the finished concrete to be done so it can set 7 days before the building gets here to put up. I have found a forklift I can use to unload the truck and build the building but as usual I have to fix it first. Both lift cyclinders or shot so I have to rebuild them.

Today and yesterday I worked in the garden. Hope to get lots of goodies to eat out of this garden. Last year we did not get much since I was not here to do the owrk.......................

Friday, June 26, 2009

Home Again

Well I have saved enough to start my shop building. I wont have to go do any more contracts I don't think. I am ordering a building 40 x 50. I am going to talk to the concrete man tomorrow to sign a contract with him for the slab and dirt work. The building should arrive here in 6 weeks. I will erect the building my self. Hope I can do it without problems. I am going to get to use a forklift for nearly free, got to rebuild the cylinders on the lift. Both are blown out. Will take pictures as I go if I can remember.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Here I am in Anadarko Oklahoma. Never thought Id ever come back here again. My daughter Bonnie got married here a while back.
I have been working in a Power Plant doing the check out and now the startup. We have accomplished the first fire in the three gas turbines. They have F15 engines to run the generators. the small size allows them to be called peakers. The term is used for units that can be started and up to speed in 10 minutes. They are used at the peak times in summer and winter when power is needed for short times and at a moments notice.
A couple more weeks and Ill be home again. Hopefully to stay this time.
There is a lot of stuff that needs my attention at home so I better get back there soon. That will keep me off the streets for a while I hope.