Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Here it with doors. Altho the insulation is not there yet. It looks better with doors. Should keep out the water and the bugs.

Don Littlefield

Doors at last

Finally got the doors delivered and installed them. Had a minor problem with the installation of the doors. The instructions say to use a light weight perforated angle iron to support the back of the door when it is in the open position. It was much too weak so we fabed a stronger angle iron bracket that works much better. Looks pretty good now. The doors they delivered did not have any insulation in them. So called again with more problems. The company is going to UPS the insulation and new springs for the extra weight. They are supposed to call with a delivery date some time today. Hope it isnt long on the delivery.

The last piece of gutter still is not here. I think is is suppose to be here this afternoon.

In the next few days we will go to Portland and Merle Point for a couple of weeks.