Thursday, August 20, 2009

starting on insulatin and sheeting the outside

Hey look at that, Im driving the forklift instead of fixing it. Much better way to use this one.
It is big and is hard to position real close to where you want it. Leaks lots less now anyway. Only is leaking from the Power stearing cylinder on one side now. I will have to fix that too I guess.
Hey that is Lee up the lift in this one. He is a great help doing this. This is the first steel building either of us has built so we have done some rework already.
Here is the view from up on top of the lift. Makes me look short Ha.........
Ok Ok lets get started. Now that you are up there. Looking down from up on the lift.

Most of the steel is up here in this one.
All thats left is the big door frames in this one.
Who is that guy and what does he want? Oh that is me again.

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