Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Update today

This morning I decided to put a pressure control valve on the recycle line back into the Fish Tank and cut it back a little. Gives me more flow on the line to the Grow beds. Seems to work better. However I did have some leaks and lost about 10 or 12 inches of water in the tank. I tried to do more on the leaks and misses and drips. Still have too many misses and drips.
Went on a shopping trip and got some plants  which are in the new photos.

I was asked why I decided to do this AquaPonic Garden in "Farm Country"? Well I don't think this is farm country. We hardly have good grass here. The dirt here in my area is so bad it nearly kills tomatoes plants if you don't do major improvement to the soil. My dirt garden is 4 years old and I finally gotten it to grow corn a reasonable height but the tomatoes still don't do well. If this Garden works Ill have vegatables that taste really good and be nutritious.

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Shepardsgate said...

Thanks for sharing your photos. I acquired barrels and got them ready to attempt a barrel ponics set up over a year ago and didn't get any further with it and am determined this month to make it happen.